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Spiritual Insights September 2016
Around the time of a solar eclipse many shadows are revealed. Realize that the Sun and Moon are reflective of duality. When Rahu and Ketu come together with the lights there is a darkening that can give us sight into our shadow side. During eclipses the light of the Sun and Moon are briefly darkened so we can peer into the darkness which is very revealing. The darkness is simply what we do not know, so great wisdom can come out of this.
Special Guest Appearance
Joni is speaking in San Francisco, CA
SEPT 22, Thurs

Secrets of Prediction
Joni's techniques for World Predictions plus her future predictions for the coming year!


Spiritual Insights August 2016
This month is full of major astrological events that will trigger a world in crises. August appears to be the peak time of violence in the world with the conjunction of Mars and Saturn. But actually there is a specific mark in the heavens that is a major trigger for the violence occurring and that mark is 16 degrees of Scorpio. This is the degree of the fixed star Antares (star of war).
Sprirtual Insights and Predictions July 2016
This past month was devastating for the world as many acts of violence cause the world to tense up with fear. The nightclub shootings in Orlando and the Turkish terrorist attack has many shaking their head in disbelief and many more acts of violence will continue. The astrological signatures for violence are here to stay through out the end of this year.
June Predictions
New discoveries will change the consciousness worldwide. These are scientific discoveries as well as the unmasking of corruption and manipulation of world leaders and global financial markets. This is the beginning of a world wide transformation.
Spiritual Insights June 2016
As these world leaders make a stance of peace we can we can learn from our mistakes in the past. History gives 20/20 vision. But it is so important to always remember we can learn from our past. Yet many times  history repeats itself.
May Predictions 2016
May is an interesting month with all the energy of the planets focalizing to Mars. Mars is the final dispositor of all the planets. There is a burning frustration with affairs not able to move forward with so many planets retrograde.
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